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Jules Jordan Video An empire in the making

Jules Jordan is a freakin' rocket ship.

No adult director in the last six years has even come close to keeping up with this blond-haired, blue-eyed wunderkind. When it comes to awards won, Jules has personally garnered more of those coveted paperweights than most studios in this business we fondly call adult.

In the past year, Jules Jordan, the envy of the gonzo universe, has taken it to the next level. A suite of offices and a couple of warehouses comprise Jules Jordan Video, an adult DVD manufacturing and distribution company. JJV, along with distributing Jordan's DVDs, releases the very nasty offerings of fan-favorite directors Mike John, Erik Everhard and Alexander DeVoe.

Any story about the growing juggernaut that is Jules Jordan Video must include a short biography of the smut master himself. Looking even younger than his 35 years, it's hard to believe how much porn experience Jules has crammed into his comparatively, to other adult company owners, short time on this pale blue orb.

Jules Jordan entered the smut business in the mid-90s, working in adult video stores in the Philadelphia. A longtime fan of pornography and confessed pervert, Jules knew he was, no doubt, destined to direct. While still toiling in retail outlets, though as a manager now, our intrepid anal explorer shot some amateur scenes which soon turned into shooting full-out adult movies. This driven dude must have forgone much sleep, to run porn emporiums and lens adult flicks at the same time, especially in Philly, not an epicenter of adult activity.

In 1996, wanting to expand his knowledge of the business end of adult video, Jules went to work for East Coast distribution giant Pleasure/ IVD. Selling for IVD gave the budding kiestermiester a keen look into the mind of the porn consumer, while at the same time honing his moviemaking skills in his off hours. After only a few titles on Pleasure's Rosebud imprint had been released, Jules' videos were quickly growing in popularity. However, there were limited production resources on the East Coast. In December of 1999, he decided Philadelphia could no longer support his vision of what he wanted to shoot, so Jules moved to the worldwide center of adult production, that's right, you guessed it, the San Fernando Valley in California. Porn Valley, as it's known inside the industry, provides everything a fledging producer/director could ask for. Printing companies and art designers for those all important inserts that are the primary selling tool for all adult productions; DVD authors, who turn a movie into a menu-rich DVD master; which is in turn needed by DVD replicators, who turn out the millions of discs needed by all of us fans and; most importantly, GIRLS. Lots and lots of girls. Girls: seeking fame and fortune by lending their nubile young bodies to the depraved imaginations of today's pornographers. Sorry, I digress, but it is the reason porn is so big, hell, it's the reason you're even reading this. I rest my case. Back to our protagonist, Jules was still putting out smut under the Pleasure banner, his skill at making strongly perverse movies with hot girls featuring scorching anal sex were soon noticed by the grand dam of gonzo, Evil Angel. Within a year of being distributed by the company with, most agree, the best lineup of directors in porndom, Jules Jordan was outselling them all and by a wide margin to boot! Along the way he also picked up about 25 Adult Video News awards. That's far more than any other individual has won over this span of six years. Jules Jordan series, ASS WORSHIP, FLESH HUNTER, WEAPONS OF ASS DISTRUCTION, LEX THE IMPALER, ONCE YOU GO BLACK, SLUT PUPPIES and FEEDING FRENZY, just to name a few have set the standard other gonzo directors aspire to.

Starting up his own distributorship in 2006, Jules knew he needed to sell more than his own movies, so he found some very capable director/producers starting with Mike John.

Mike, who has been with JJV since day one, likes to say the only real job he has ever had is shooting porn. Born and raised in Venice, CA, Mike has been surfing all his life.

While surfing and hanging with hookers in Costa Rica in 1996, Mike met the crew from Anabolic Video and, since he had an intimate knowledge of the shady side of Costa Rican night life, helped out organizing girls and locations for WORLD SEX TOUR, then Anabolic's foray into shooting outside of the USA. Mike's first gig as a cameraman was for Sean Michaels' UP YOUR ASS series. Anabolic was so impressed with his style they hired him and gave him his own series. His first lines included PANOCHITAS, DOWN THE HATCH and PERVERTED POINT OF VIEW, among others. Mike honed his style at Anabolic, but that left the business sideÄ after all, everybody wants to get paid. Hoping to increase his coffers, Mike went to Red Light District in 2003. He shot many successful movies but was still not where he wanted to be financially. When Jules started JJV he, familiar with Mike's work, brought him on board immediately. Mike John series for Jules Jordan Video include NO CUM DODGING ALLOWED, POV PERVERT, RACIAL TENSION, SEMEN SIPPERS, ELASTIC ASSHOLES, TEENAGE SPERMAHOLICS and BOOBAHOLICS ANONYMOUS. Mike John is credited with making POV (point of view) popular and putting swallowing tapes on the map.

The next talent Jules acquired was Erik Everhard. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Erik started out doing scenes for internet companies in Vancouver. Knowing his future lay south of the border Erik sent out samples of his work as a performer. One of them caught the eye of Jules while Jordan was still with Pleasure. Erik, working for only a plane ticket, shot a couple of scenes in Philly, Jules saw his talent and, when they both made the move to LA, Jordan made good use of Erik's passion and endurance. Erik credits Mike John with teaching him the intricacies of lighting and camerawork when the two worked at Anabolic and Red Light together. Suffering the same financial woes as Mike, Erik thought it "the opportunity of a lifetime" to get picked up by Evil Angel. After less than a year at the Evil Empire, Erik jumped at the chance for less-confining shooting parameters (Evil won't release creampie flicks), and now happily works under the Jules Jordan Video banner.


Latest but certainly not least among the JJV family is Alexander DeVoe. Like Jules Jordan, Alexander started out working in retail outlets. Also like Jules, Alexander thought he could do better and he has. A contract director for years at West Coast Productions DeVoe brought his unique, black-themed, vision to JJV with fantastic results. Alexander DeVoe has, since he just started for JJV, two releases, DYNAMIC BOOTY and WET JUICY ASSES.

Jules Jordan Video, winner of "Best New Production Company" at the 2007 AVN Awards, is an up and coming force in the porn firmament. They will certainly be a company to be reckoned with. Porn fans rejoice!

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